"On a shakedown" above Ft. Collins, CO 

 Born and raised

in Denver, Colorado

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  South High School, Denver (੮

Various Colleges and Universities.

Undergrad. and Grad. degrees.


National Institute of Mental Health

Predoctoral Fellow (笒68).


Ph.D. Neurophysiology and Biophysics,

Colorado State University (驮


Postdoctoral Studies in

 Neurogenesis and Neural Pathway Tracing.




Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO.

Charity Hospital, New Orleans, LA.

Tulane Medical School, New Orleans, LA.

Louisiana State Hospital, Covington, LA.

 Veterans Administration Hospital, New Orleans, LA.

The Oschner Neurological Service, New Orleans, LA.




Brain cell transplantation.

Novel Neurosurgical techniques.

Stereotaxic depth electrode emplacement.


Author: scientific books and articles.


* See for example: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.




American Men and Women of

Medical Science ('75).


Personalities of the South,

Bicentennial Edition ('76).




 __________PROFESSIONAL  BACKGROUND__________


Exec. and owner (past), 7 corporations involving maritime

transportation, ocean-going tugs, supply vessels

and trucking operations.


Member:  National Committee for Monetary Reform.


Member:  President's Club, The Heritage Foundation



____________Rock Climbing and Mountaineering____________

Extensive climbing and guiding experience, 25+ years.


Correspondent at large, Rock & Ice, 6 yrs.


Developed over 500 new 'traditional' and 'sport' routes

ranging from sea level to 13,000 feet.


Established new climbing areas on Cayman Brac ('94),  

Mona Island (off Puerto Rico, '96) and CUBA ('98),

as well as in several other locations.


Consultant, volunteer/employee

Medicine Bow - Routt National Forest

U. S. National Forest Service





_______Author:  books and articles._______



Co-Author:  A Rock Climber's Guide to Greyrock.

Text by Craig Luebben, Illustrations by Skip Harper.

The Horsetooth Press, Ft. Collins, CO ('91).



Co-Author:  Heel and Toe, the climbs

of Greater Vedauwoo, Wyoming ,

 Heel and Toe Pub, Ft. Collins, CO (䩮



'Adventuring on Cayman Brac': A guide to great

adventures on this small Caribbean Gem. 

Heel and Toe Pub., Ft. Collins, CO ('02)



Hidden Treasure (with Craig Luebben), Rock and Ice ('95)


Crack in Moderation, CLIMBING ('96)


Back on Brac: Limestone climbing in the Caribbean, Rock and Ice ('97)


Red Rocks Nevada: Cold Weather Climbs, Rock and Ice ('97)


Fremont Canyon: Climbs of the Wild West, Rock and Ice Mini-Guide ('98)


Diamonds in the Rough:  Alpine adventure climbing in

 Southeast Wyoming, Rock and Ice Mini-Guide ('00)


A Great Escape:  Little Cayman and Cayman Brac Might Be

Paradise on Earth, Destination Cayman (2004, entire year).


more . . . .


________________D i v i n g________________

PADI Dive Master / Asst. Instructor #46614.

 2,900+ logged hours underwater at a multitude of locations

 including U.S. coastal waters, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea,

      French Polynesia, New Guinea, New Zealand,

Micronesia (Caroline Archipelago),

the Philippine Islands

 and Australia.


________Stand in and Stunts________


Walker, Texas Ranger

Top Kick Productions.













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