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There is quite a large selection of campsites along / near Highway 130 as it winds over Snowy Pass.  Unfortunately, the USFS changes the content of their website continuously, so for now, look at the Scenic Byway Map for established campgrounds.  Look for the following Campgrounds:  North Fork, Nash Fork, Libby Flats, Brooklyn Lakes, Sugar Loaf or Silver Lake.  These are all fee-based campgrounds with minimal facilities, eg, tent sites, barbeque pits, picnic tables, heads, water, etc., although some do not have all of these.  Camping is also allowed elsewhere as signage permits.  Please LEAVE NO TRACE of your stay, as this is extremely fragile alpine terrain.

In addition, there are a couple of guest facilities and private cabins for rent.

-Chris and Michelle Borer own several rustic, very accommodating, snug cabins spread amongst pine trees and alpine flowers high on the mountain.  Open year 'round, great  hosts....  Mountain Meadow Cabins, PO 203, Centennial, WY, 307-742-6042.  Lots of information from these kind people about summer and winter activities in the Snowies....

-Another facility is the Snowy Mountain Lodge, complete with private rooms, separate cabins and a restaurant.  PO 151, Centennial, WY, 307-742-7669.  Open year 'round, beautiful mountain setting and recently renovated.    




     Snowy Range