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Not my image, but I couldn't help it.  Duppies are the apparitional netherworld beings of Cayman Islands folklorduppy.jpg (22020 bytes)e.  Usually harmless, they have been sighted on all three islands for generations.  Real or imagined, a contest was held in the grade schools to see who could draw the best Duppy.  This one, drawn by Thomas Carter (then 7) of Boddentown, Grand Cayman, took second place.  It shows a devilish little character complete with big teeth, a headdress, duclaws and a form of bulging stomach.  It is surprising that nearly all of the entries were found to have rather large, imposing pink or red stomachs, despite the fact the children were born and raised in disparate parts of the country (different islands) and had varying experiential backgrounds.



angelcat.jpg (20433 bytes)Long before digital photography, Adobe Photoshop, or even computers for that matter, photographers were experimenting with multiple layered images.  This image is a 4 layer 'sandwich', each is resized, blended for relative contrast and rephotographed in a bellows unit.  One image is the headstone of a child's grave in a New Orlean's graveyard.  Another is the silhouette of a window in my (then) garette apartment in the French Quarter.



sinai.jpg (23138 bytes)There is a pile of huge stone monoliths marking the very southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula at Ras Mohammed, several miles west along the coast from the little village of Sharm el Sheik.  Looking directly south, one is nearly surrounded by waters of the Red Sea while at your back is harsh desert, a few Bedouin and inhospitable mountains for hundreds of miles.  Nice pants.



pompei.jpg (30589 bytes)

Red shoes, a fallen city and a mountain that roared, Pompeii.



Venice5.jpg (26847 bytes)If you've ever been here, you'll never forget it.  Unbelievable images of Venice lie around every corner, across every bridge and in every season, especially in the early morning light.




Achaf2.jpg (28074 bytes)There is a place that seems completely unable to make up its mind whether it is earth or water - so it compromises.  The result is that much of lower Louisiana belongs to neither.  The line of demarcation is vague and ever-changing.  The distinction between degrees of well soaked ground is speculative at best except to one who steps on it.  What looks like firm soil may be considerably less.  This shot is out in the Atchafalaya Basin where I was duck hunting with some Cajun friends. 




Tr2.jpg (25521 bytes)

   Is it real?  Partially.






Flam1.jpg (44505 bytes)

When in MADRID, be sure to go to Cafe De Chinitas for some of the most expressive, authentic Flamenco dancing and guitar in the city.  




RomeSen.jpg (24825 bytes)   

  The Roman Senate 




Paris1.jpg (18058 bytes)


 The city of lights, " Grey Paree "




venice3.jpg (26231 bytes)









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