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While so much adventure is found ON the island of Cayman Brac,

there is much more JUST OFFSHORE !!

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Under water, one finds a riot of color and movement, with an abundance of invertebrate species and a wide variety of entertaining fish.  There are wrecks (one a 300' Russian warship complete with missile tubes and guns fore and aft), towering coral heads, impressive dropoffs into inky darkness and gigantic sand chutes.  Conventional BOAT DIVING is highly regarded, and while still in a formative state, SHORE DIVING is becoming more popular. The visibility on Cayman Brac is superior, usually ranging from 150' to 200' with tropical temperatures ranging from about 78-82 degrees - very accommodating.  All considered, 'The Brac' is a true water lover's dream.  It is simply no wonder that divers from around the world continue to ..... 'come back to Brac'!




dogfish.jpg (57642 bytes)Today, there is only ONE dive operator on Cayman Brac.  Reef Divers are associated with the Brac Reef Resort.  This highly professional dive operator can take you to a variety of exciting dive sites around the island, distant dive sites seldom seen, or on a ride across the channel to Cayman Brac's 'sister island', Little Cayman to experience world renowned wall dives.  Reef Divers is also well versed in shore diving support.


D I V I N G   BY   B O A T                                                                                                          



 Ref:  'Adventuring on Cayman Brac'.           



D I V I N G   FROM   S H O R E                                                       



 Ref:  'Adventuring on Cayman Brac'.




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