The caves on Cayman Brac are 'littoral' caves, typical of those found along the seashore in many parts of the world.  The 'Bluff' runs along most of Brac's length, rising from little height on the SE end of the island to about 150' at the NE Point.  It is composed of limestone, riddled with caves of many sizes.  Some are visited frequently and some are more remote, existing in a raw, primitive state. Although not nearly as expansive as those found on nearby Cuba or Puerto Rico, many offer attractive interiors worthy of exploration as shown below.  In fact, some might be considered as captivating miniatures of more well known caverns.  Some are as colorful as an artists palette, due to algae and the oxides of trace minerals.  Most are not difficult to negotiate and require little specialized training or gear.  In fact, any adventurous fledgling caver can explore their spelean riches with little preparation and minimal physical exertion.  Bring along a head lamp or a dive lite and watch your topknot!!

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A map of many of Cayman Brac's caves.

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Some photographic teasers...

  The highly decorated interior of the Bat Cave, located on the south shore.  Accessible by walking-in. Number 12 on the map.

  Partial interior of Rebecca's Cave, a National Heritage Site in remembrance of the tragedy of the 1932 Storm. Another 'walk-in'.  Little Rebecca Bodden lost her life during this storm and is buried here.  Number 13 on the map. **SEE MORE ABOUT THIS  CAVE  ON YouTube !!

  Flowstone draperies in 'Shelby's Bolt Hole'.  This one requires some scrambling and light down climbing. Number 3 on the map.

  Artistically colored roof of an undisclosed cave.  Sorry, the location is secret.



 Exploring the 'blue room' of Neptune's Lair on the rugged NE Shore.  A good hike (Long Beach Walk) and scrambling over nasty ironshore will get you here.  Mostly easy, but some light scrambling may be necessary in the deeper recesses.  Number 6 on the map.




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